GCU – Universal Glow Plug Control Unit


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Disclaimer: I’m not a business and I’m not profiting from the sale of these modules – for now… 🙂 I’ve just identified a niche where there is no solution; at the moment your choices are to either replace your glow plug unit with another OEM unit if it’s faulty, put up with it’s behaviour if it’s not ideal (like the pajero which glows too long and fries glow plugs unless you buy the OEM ones at $300+ a set), or use a manual switch – not real great.

Universal Glow Plug ECU

I designed and built this module for my own 4×4 but others have expressed interest in getting hold of them, so I’ve put them up for sale. The price might be a bit steep for something so simple – it’s because I’m sourcing parts in small quantities from a number of sellers. If initial sales are a marked success, I’ll be able to do bulk orders for parts from places like Mouser and sell them at a reduced price. Rest assured it is a quality built product suitable for the harsh conditions it’ll experience.


  • optional afterglow
  • adjustable glow duration and behaviour
  • engine temp sensor for smart glow timing
  • optional over-temp and low-voltage alarms to protect your engine and warn of battery / alternator failure
  • controls your glow plug dash lamp to provide feedback on what the module is doing (supports dual bulb red/green lamps)
  • quality components sourced from 100% Australian sellers
  • should be compatible with all diesel vehicles – Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, etc., if not, you’ll get a full refund with no hassles
  • (optional extra) 128×128 RGB OLED LCD display for coolant temp, voltage, and glow plug status readouts

Controls on the unit let you change settings without having to take the module out of the car. The unit itself is a small box roughly the thickness of the factory module – just unplug the old unit and install this one.

If you’re not satisfied that this universal GCU does the job, send it back and you’ll get your money 100% refunded without a fuss.

Dimensions: 100x60x25mm

Side note: My 4×4 is an older diesel with standalone glow control unit. Newer vehicles might have an integrated ECU/GCU and may require additional work in order to control the glow plugs. To explain it simply, this unit contains a relay which triggers your existing high-current glow plug solenoid. You might need to install a new solenoid or bypass the existing GCU or otherwise work something out. Of course, I’m happy to help – just shoot me a message. For 12V systems only – 6V and 24V available on request.

Regarding the LCD: I’ve built the GCU module itself which includes a expansion plug. This makes it possible to add an LCD and extra sensors later on. Out of the box, you’ll get full glow plug control and a coolant temp and voltage alarm you can turn on and off. Once the LCD is available, you’ll have to buy that and update the firmware on the box so it’ll work (easy, just a USB cable).

Download Installation Guide

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